The Original Hourglass Hips™

Boost Your Confidence With These Curves

The Original Hourglass Hips™

Boost Your Confidence With These Curves

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Hourglass Hips™ easy to wear? Do I notice them during the day?

They are like any other panties. The only difference are the length of the pant legs.

The material is the same as your most comfortable underwear. 

No additional sweat or heat around your leg area.

Do the legs of the Hourglass Hips™ roll up?

No. The hip cushions of either side of the panties keep the pant legs from rolling up.

Both ends of the pant legs have additional rubber and polyester that adjust to your legs.

That way the Hourglass Hips™ stay where they are supposed to!

What if the ordered size is too small/big?

We'll send you a free replacement.

Just cover shipping and send the old size back to us.

What size do I order?

You'll be fine ordering two sizes larger than usual.


Because our underwear is made out of stretch material (cotton, polyester) and snuggle tightly with your body.

Can I wear them while using a restroom?

What about the gym?

Of course! 

They are just like any other pair of panties.

You can combine them with other pairs of underwear, pantyliners and tampons.

No need to take them off before using the restroom.

The Hourglass Hips™  are usable while doing sport and won't constrict movement.

They also look cute with leggings!

Are the Hourglass Hips™ visible under lighter clothes?

No they are not!

For lighter colors and thinner fabric like dresses we recommend the Clear Skin Premium Material.

This almost transparent color blends in with your real skin color.

For darker skin tones and darker clothes we recommend the Stealth Black Premium Color.

That way people will never see what is under your clothes!

Do the Hourglass Hips™ run small?

If so, how many sizes up should I go?

Yes, they run small because of the stretch material.

Please size 2 sizes up!

Do the Hourglass Hips™ come in one price with the paddings already made into the panty/enchanter or will I have to add the padding?

Yes. The paddings come already included with the panties!

Do they have to be taken out to wash the garment, or can it be washed as one piece?

The paddings need to be taken out first before washing.

And do they move or slide around, do they stay in place as you wear the garment?

They have rubber bandings on each end to ensure everything fits and doesn't move around.

They stay in place for any occasion!

30 Days Money-Back & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You're gonna be 100% satisfied.

If for some reason you're not, be sure to contact us.

We will work out a solution that will satisfy you to 100%.

Why are we doing this?

Because after 13,741 happy women we found out that only a few have taken this offer.

But we still want you to give you the security.

And to make sure that you are 100% happy, too!